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My Story

As a new mom, I was blown away by the experience of raising a child. Life became thrilling —colored with highs and lows— but mostly joy. I felt competent and open to what my baby had to teach me. As time went on and I had more kids (and more highs and lows) I felt beat down with the pressure of it all. A voracious consumer of parenting books and podcasts, I was determined to get it right. But the harder I tried to measure myself to these rules, the bigger my frustrations became. 

Through learning to validate my own emotions, I discovered I was not in fact a failure (or a lab result) but a human being!

And that was so freeing. Somehow in all my focus to help my children feel seen I hadn't realized how much I needed that, too. 

My hope with publishing My Mom Has Feelings Too is to restore some balance to the beautiful mother-child relationship. And shift a culture of superhuman parenting toward compassion, joy, and all the feelings in between.


I hope you will enjoy it, with all my heart!




This book is masterfully done. Each page is truly a masterpiece of paper-collage art, simple yet incredibly detailed and thoughtful. The message is also simple but powerful - moms have feelings and reasons for those feelings. It is an invitation for a child to understand and engage with the humanity of their parents, citing great examples of times when those feelings manifest. It invites conversation and connection. The perfect gift for any mom or future mom. An heirloom quality book.


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LOGO Nearness Transparent_edited_edited_

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