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Editorial Review

Updated: Mar 9

K.D. Stoddard is a mom and very much a human. She believes in the competence of unscripted, imperfect, non-expert, everyday moms, and in the power of embracing her unique strengths to enjoy motherhood. She lives in the Prairie State of Illinois with her husband and 4 really real and adorable kids. Come say hello! And learn more about the author, illustrator, and My Mom Has Feelings Too @mymomhasfeelingstoo

Elena is a Canadian illustrator and paper collage artist living in York, UK. She holds a BFA in visual art and a Master of Science degree in occupational therapy; both inform her creative practice. She loves rescuing snippets from the recycling and magicing them into new stories that affirm, move and inspire. Elena has always been a person with a LOT of big feelings. Once upon a time, she thought maybe that was a bad thing, but now she knows her big feelings are her super power! They help her tell stories that let others feel seen and understood. She lives with her rational economist husband and three great kids in a warm and wonky Victorian terraced house, filled to the brim with all sorts of feelings: Wild and cuddly toddler feelings, deep-diving girl feelings, big-hearted adolescent boy feelings, rational economist Dad feelings, and of course, Mom feelings, too! She wouldn't have it any other way.

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